About Me

Love & Time Travel…


Originally from Brazil, a hopeless romantic, a husband, and a father who ‘s passionate about love and life. It’s the greatest gift! I simply adore a great love story, hearing how two people came to meet each other and fall in love – it’s life’s greatest adventure novel.

My approach is really simple – make you feel relaxed and have as much fun with you as possible, use as much natural light available, and capture it all in a natural way and unobtrusive way, whilst incorporating a hybrid editing style of film and digital – giving it a unique feel.

So why I am I a photographer – well it’s always been a passion of mine that was influenced by my late father who was once a Photojournalist for National Geographic. This influence has enabled me to learn how to tell stories of life’s precious moments and emotions that words really can’t describe.


I simply love the ability photography gives you to freeze time and create memorable moments to look back on and share with loved ones and to also create art through the use of light. Each of us see the world through a different lens, and with photography we get to share and see through the lens of others – the photographer’s eye.